We’re a company with a passion for hospitality, finding inspiration in our journeys and travels.

Our philosophy is simple:

Create with the intention to give complete experiences.

Through passion, beauty and artisanship, we want to bring our guests not just a meal, but an experience – one that embraces the ideal that hospitality is an art.

We have a global perspective on business and hospitality:

Global perspective, local attitude

Living and working in different countries over many years has provided a rich collection of ideas, influences, people and memories. In our travels, we’ve experienced the beauty of other cultures as well as our own, and now want to bring our story home – in adventures taken not only with miles, but with the warmth of welcoming hospitality we’ve enjoyed along the way.

We're passionate about hospitality

We believe there will always be loyal guests who seek an excellent meal, sumptuous glass of wine or delectable cocktail in a comfortable and welcoming place. So while our view and commitment are long-term, our attention to each important detail is short-term. We care about hospitality.


Bazati, a Serbo-Croatian term translated as “hanging around,” perfectly captures the spirit of our first project, located on Atlanta's Eastside Beltline Trail.

Bazati will have an informal brasserie as its focus, complemented by a collection of select artisans, from Colombian leather to Mexican homewear, books and international sundries. Soaring ceilings, soft indoor seating and lots of patio space for eating and drinking create the ideal environment to relax and let the time pass. Bazati is a place for lounging, shopping and enjoying.

01 Authentic

There is no compromise for excellent food, the authenticity of place and caring service - a genuine experience with no pretense.

We are committed to offering genuine experiences, with high-quality food and drink, in locations that are part of the city's landscape and true to its history. We hope the experiences we help create become memorable, affording our guests to return again and again.

02 Hospitality

We care for our guests

Beyond eye-catching interior design, superb food and beverages, and a desirable location, our ventures aim to maintain a happy staff. Hospitable, knowledgeable and well-prepared employees are crucial to the overall experience of our guests.

03 Passion for service

We love what we do and do it well

Good service is a vital ingredient to a successful restaurant. We ensure that our employees are well-trained and genuinely understand the steps of superior service. In today's competitive restaurant world, excellent service sets us apart. This passion for excellence is the fabric of our company's culture.

No matter where we travel, we always wind up back home, in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

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